Growing Quality Crops One Harvest at a Time

Our Team

The success of any Organization depends on the qualification, experience, integrity, vision and commitment of each team member and how effectively they work together towards the common goal of winning.


Bart Coia

Chief Operating Officer

The practice of chemically intensive food crop production started decades after WWII. Now with cannabis pHlourishing across the U.S., the importance of morally uncontaminated medicine is paramount.

Organic farming has been an integral part of my life for over 20 years. Thankfully increased environmental awareness and consumer health is fueling the growth of “non-chemical” farming.

Organnabis provides the highest quality products for these markets and I’m proud to be part of it.


Matt Bone

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Timing is everything. World leaders are becoming more informed on the benefits of natures gem Cannabis and the importance of Organic farming. The hundreds of uses of the hemp plant combined with the medicinal properties of Cannabis are producing new income streams that will rebuild not only small communities and cities, but states and entire countries.

Organnabis LTD. is positioned with superior products and the subject matter expertise to produce the highest quality crops and best yields. I’m a firm believer in Organic farming and see the value of what Hemp will do for this planet and the environment.  I’m both proud and fortunate to be part of Organnabis LTD.


Jose Pereira

Vice President for Logistics

I am proud to be part of Organnibis and to be given the opportunity to introduce clean and cost effective fertilizer and pesticide products to a fast growing market. I look forward to personally being involved in logistically bringing our products to the market place as well as working closely with the farmers and growers in understanding their needs and developing new products to cater to their requirements.

We are determined to bring you the best products in the Cannabis industry through our Distributors and Independent Booking Agents.


Peejay Sisi

Director of Marketing and Business Development

A midst the endless controversy of cannabis growing, this industry is still thriving and the products these crops produce continue to develop exponentially. Developing organic products to support the organic facet of these crops gives physical health and preservation more meaning and stability.

I support natural healing and all the products that form part of this crusade. I also believe in the creation of safe and result oriented products that supports the farmer’s/grower’s passion of a quality harvest. Healing the body with natural and organic products is a Marketing challenge I welcome


Raul Garcia

Farming and Agricultural Consultant

I have dedicated 35 years to farming in the Central Valley. My utmost goal has always been to produce excellent crop. We plan to continually produce organic products that will provide growers with top quality crop. This high quality is not left to chance. Conscientious growers practice soil and petiole testing and grow consistency monitoring. Growing Cannabis, especially the health aspect of the industry, requires passion and dedication because it targets and focuses on the preservation of human life.

We will assist these growers in achieving optimum results in an environmentally positive way while significantly maximizing the cost benefit of our products.

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