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Ultimate Power Duo 2

par Matthew Bone sur mai 25, 2021

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The Ultimate combination + instant discount to treat pest/mold/mildew problems while giving your plants greener leaves, bigger buds, stronger roots and higher yields!

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Quatre années et d'innombrables heures de formulation, d'essais sur le terrain et de recherche ont donné une alternative incroyablement puissante aux solutions de contrôle des parasites toxiques.

We are extremely proud of our latest achievement! Not just another ECO-Friendly product. Our proprietary formula has no equal! Best of all...

Buddapest is highly concentrated (ratio 64:1) - 2 oz. makes 1 Gallon of solution!

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pHlourish: Engrais Foliaire Naturel

  • Aliment complet pour la plante absorbée par les feuilles.
  • Nutrition des plantes.
  • pHlourish est très concentré

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La description

The “Ultimate Power Duo 2″ contains our medium sized bottles:  32oz. Buddapest + 16oz.  pHlourish + an instant discount + Free Shipping*!

** We always recommending cocktailing these two products for best results **

Normal maintenance:  1-1/2 oz. of Buddapest + 1/2 oz. of pHlourish per 1 gallon of water, apply same day each week.  For those with the budget and would like to turbo charge your growth, pHlourish can be applied 2x per week using the normal application.

Infestation problems:  use a higher concentration of 2 oz. of Buddapest + 1/2 oz. of pHlourish per 1 gallon of water and spray 3 consecutive days, 1 day off, then spray again on day 5 to get any eggs that may be left.  

ResultsYou will see results after the 1st or 2nd consecutive application (1st-2nd consecutive days).  The pests will “bug out” and pHlourish will begin repairing any damage – your plant and leaves will be noticeably lusher and greener . 

Imperative:   shake these bottles well before applying water, agitate before each application and follow the appropriate protocol to get optimal results.  

** Contact us with any questions!  **

* Free Shipping in the Lower Continental U.S. ? Alaska/Hawaii excluded

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Poids 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.25 × 11.875 in
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